Balanced Offense Out of a 1-2-2 Offensive Set

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Jim Harrick
47 Minutes

Balanced Offense Out of a 1-2-2 Offensive Set provides a comprehensive review of the underlying principles, fundamentals, and techniques involved in effectively implementing a balanced offense out of a 1-2-2 offensive set. The DVD uses on-the-court player demonstrations to help explain and show developmental drills and called plays that are specifically appropriate for this particular offense. Among the topics covered:

  • The big 5
  • Seven basic fundamentals
  • Wing breakdown
  • Post breakdown
  • Flat-or-curl drill
  • Side-post series
  • Backdoor
  • Pop-the-stack
  • Forward-duck drill
  • Balanced-court set
  • Guard-cut series
  • Pressure releases
  • Called plays