Bill Bowerman's High-Performance Training for Track and Field (Third Edition)

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Bill Bowerman, Bill Freeman
568 pages

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High-Performance Training for Track and Field is a step-by-step guide for teacher-coaches in their first years, who will find it to be a model for success. Experienced coaches will find its systematic analyses of training methods an invaluable addition to their own expertise. Most training books cover either the ?why? (the latest training theories) or the ?how? (applying the theory to an actual training program). This text gives both, and it blends them into the single most useful text for track and field coaches and athletes. This book adds the theoretical bases that underlie training, summarizing what researchers know about training and competition and discussing the most advanced, scientifically monitored, foreign endurance training system in the world today. It tells, briefly and simply, what you need to know about periodization in training, overload theory, and the effects of nutrition and psychology on today?s training. The training patterns reflect the very latest scientific training methods.

Chapters include:

  • The Essentials of Scientific Training
  • The Oregon School of Running
  • Sprints, Hurdles, and Relays
  • The Jumps
  • The Throws
  • The All-Around Athlete
  • Directing Track and Field Programs.