Blocking the Unbalanced Single Wing: The Foundation

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Tom Lewis
68 minutes
Blocking the Unbalanced Single Wing: The Foundation presents an in-depth overview of the blocking schemes and techniques that are used in this offensive system. The DVD details the key factors involved in specific blocking assignments. The DVD also features a series of game-tested drills for developing the fundamental skills that are essential for blocking effectively in the unbalanced single wing offense. Each drill is covered in an easy-to-understand and –execute manner.

Among the topics covered:
  • Line splits and alignment
  • Red-zone blocking
  • You-and-me call
  • Trap rules
  • Blocking the holes
  • Blocking the 2 hole
  • Blocking the 3 hole
  • Blocking the 4 hole
  • Blocking the 5 hole
  • Blocking the 6 hole
  • Blocking the 7 hole
  • Blocking drills