Functional Shoulder Training for Athletes

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Jim Murphy
60 minutes

Functional Shoulder Training for Athletes provides a detailed package of exercises designed to integrate the shoulder into the rest of the body`s kinetic chain. A must for any throwing athlete, the DVD covers exercises that are much more specific to the demands placed on the shoulder than ever before. Because throwing, swinging, and spiking are explosive, rotational movements involving the entire kinetic chain, training should be specific to those movements. Using medicine balls, wobble boards, stability balls, and free weights, the DVD shows the viewer how to build a kinetic chain with no weak links.

Among the topics covered:

  • Scapular stabilization exercises
  • Training the decelerators (where most injuries occur)
  • Integrating the rotator cuff into the rest of the body
  • Integrating explosive rotation of the upper body and shoulder in multiple directions and planes
  • Utilizing the body`s natural movement and patterns (such as the latissimus dorsi working with the contra-lateral gluteus)