Glide Conversion to Rotational Shot Put

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John Kenneson
66 minutes

Glide Conversion to Rotational Shot Put provides a comprehensive resource for track & field coaches who want to convert their shot putters who use a glide technique to the rotational technique. The DVD outlines five basic reasons for converting. The DVD also points out several psychological parameters that need to be considered if/when such a conversion occurs. In addition, the DVD reviews the underlying principles attendant to a sound general approach to coaching. Furthermore, the DVD discusses the initial technical goals that coaches should set for their shot putters who are converting. Finally, the DVD details the problematic areas of concern that coaches should be conscious of in each of the primary phases of the rotational shot-entry, flight, power, and finish.

Among the topics covered:

  • Considerations for conversion
  • Initial planning
  • General coaching approach
  • Initial technical goals
  • Entry
  • Flight phase
  • Power position
  • Finish
  • Rhythmic patterns
  • Drill package