Technique and Throwing Progressions for The Glide Shot Put

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Jeff Magley
93 minutes
Technique and Throwing Progressions for The Glide Shot Put presents a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in effectively employing the glide technique to throw the shot put. The DVD points out the main benefits of using the glide vs. the spin technique when throwing the shot, as well as details the two dominant approaches to utilizing the glide technique. The DVD also breaks down the basic actions involved in each of the five fundamental phases of the glide technique. In addition, the DVD features a number of drills that can be used to develop specific aspects of the glide technique.

Among the topics covered: 

• The glide shot put 
• Two dominant glide techniques 
• Grip technique 
• Fingers apart vs. fingers together 
• Release drills 
• Full-glide motion 
• Drive phase 
• Flight phase 
• Power position 
• Delivery sequence 
• Standing-throw drills 
• Glide-progression drills