Mastering the Discus

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Larry Judge
48 minutes

Mastering the Discus provides an exceptional instructional resource for throws coaches who want to enhance the skills and technique of their discus throwers. Featuring one of the most respected coaches in track & field, the DVD covers all phases of throwing the discus-from the grip to the release. The DVD also offers a series of drills designed to improve the ability of athletes to master the key factors involved in throwing the discus. In addition, the DVD includes several drills that discus throwers can perform to increase their level of strength.

Among the topics covered:

• Proper grip
• Release drills
• Starting position demonstrations
• Wall drills
• Hip drills
• Free-arm assist drill
• Wheel drills
• Line drill series
• Walking South
• African drills
• Turn drills
• Pit drills series
• Cone throw drill
• Throwing progression
• Full-throwing progression
• Special strength drills