Optimizing The Training Intensity Balance

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Matt Fitzgerald
88 minutes
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In Optimizing The Training Intensity Balance, Matt Fitzgerald, author and editor at Competitor Group, shares his theories and experiences regarding the training process, as well as the appropriate levels of intensity while training for specific races. Coach Fitzgerald discusses the most effective ways to train, while also offering counterpoints to his theories and guidelines for training intensity levels. Coach Fitzgerald also provides direction on training optimization through cross training and event specific drills, while discussing results from a variety of scientific studies on training, and how they apply. Additionally, Coach Fitzgerald host a question and answer session to help clarify his thoughts, as well as go more in depth on event specific training.

Topics covered include:

• “The 80/20 Rule”
• Maximizing Training Results
• Race Specific Training
• How Training Intensity Effects Race Results
• Varying/Adjusting Training Plans
• Low Intensity vs. High Intensity
• Interval Training