Progressive Plyometrics for Kids

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Donald Chu, Avery Faigenbaum, Jeff Falkel
126 pages and 58 minutes
  Three of the most respected and sought-after specialists in the field of exercise and physical conditioning, Donald A. Chu, Avery D. Faigenbaum, and Jeff E. Falkel, present this comprehensive, progressive, cost effective, and developmentally appropriate program of plyometric exercises specifically designed for younger athletes. Progressive Plyometrics for Kids begins with easy-to-understand and apply principles, methods, and modes of plyometrics, and offers keys to training success and program design. It then outlines a clear six-week progressive plyometric program, divided into three stages: bronze, silver, and gold. Each of the exercises in the three stages are described in complete detail, including equipment needed, a point-by-point action sequence, and movement-specific coaching points. Multiple clear photographs accompany each exercise.

The book also includes a remarkable and easy-to-navigate 58-minute DVD that allows you to see this all-star team of trainers explain the 45 exercises from the progressive program. Then watch as they coach young athletes through each of the activities in real time, giving coaching points and tips to insure maximum results. Ideal for coaches, teachers, and parents of young athletes at any age and any ability level.