Single Wing Offense: Full-Spin Series

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Tom Lewis
40 minutes
Single Wing Offense: Full-Spin Series offers an in-depth overview of the key factors involved in successfully executing the full-spin series of the unbalanced single wing offense. The DVD explores why the full-spin series can force the defense to honor the entire field by meshing three backs and attaching both the flanks and the middle. The DVD also covers the ballhandling, footwork, paths, and series-specific techniques attendant to the backfield.

Among the topics covered:
  • Breakdown of the spin
  • Landmarks, paths, and ballhandling
  • 491 halfback sweep
  • 493 halfback off-tackle
  • 485 spin-back trap
  • 474 wingback counter
  • 472 wingback reverse
  • 407 blocking-back wedge
  • 472 play-action pass
  • Recap and wrap-up