Single Wing Offense: Power & Buck-Lateral Series

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Tom Lewis
52 minutes

Single Wing Offense: Power & Buck-Lateral Series presents a detailed overview of the two power series that are employed in the unbalanced single wing offense. The key factors involved in each series are discussed and explained in a step-by-step manner. The DVD also addresses the ballhandling fundamentals, footwork, landmarks, path, and specific techniques that are integral to sound backfield play in these series. In addition, the DVD reviews more than a dozen plays that can be executed as part of both series.

Among the topics covered:

  • 291 power sweep
  • 293 power off-tackle
  • 285 spin-back trap
  • 272 power reverse
  • 282 spin-back sweep
  • 274 power counter off-tackle
  • Buck-lateral series
  • 385 buck-lateral keeper trap
  • 386 buck-lateral keeper trap weak
  • 391 buck-lateral toss sweep
  • 374/376 counter
  • Buck-lateral sweep pass
  • Buck-lateral jump pass
  • Recap power & buck lateral