Single Wing Offense: Half-Spin Series

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Tom Lewis
43 minutes

Single Wing Offense: Half-Spin Series features an in-depth overview of the half-spin series in the unbalanced single wing offense. The key factors that are essential to effectively executing the plays in this series are detailed and discussed. The DVD also examines the ballhanlding fundamentals, footwork, landmarks, paths, and specific techniques that are involved in sound backfield play in this series. The DVD explains how the series can be used to attack the weakside with the jet seep and off-tackle plays.

Among the topics covered:

  • Breakdown of the half-spin jet sweep
  • Landmarks, paths, and ballhandling
  • 572 jet sweep
  • 584 spin back off-tackle
  • 591 halfback bootleg
  • 507 blocking-back wedge
  • 584 spin-back quick pass
  • 591 bootleg pass
  • recap and wrap-up