Strength and Conditioning for Football Fitness

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Dr. Ben Gleason
48 minutes
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In Strength and Conditioning for Football Fitness, Dr. Ben Gleason of Louisiana Tech University, discusses both in-season and offseason conditioning programs that are focused expressly on building “Football Fitness.” Dr. Gleason defines “Football Fitness,” details how it helps athletes at all levels of football, and provides examples of how to train football specific muscle groups and movements. Dr. Gleason also reviews the science behind conditioning and football training, while providing examples of fitness levels from a study of the levels of conditioning among NFL players.

Topics covered include:

• Building a Conditioning Program
• Increasing Athlete Buy-in
• Maximizing Athletic Ability
• Conditioning with Player Safety in Mind
• Injury Prevention
• Developing Motor Skills
• Building Speed
• Conditioning for Specific Positions
• Load Management