Strength and Conditioning Programming for Football Fitness

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Kerry Thompson
49 minutes
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In Strength and Conditioning Programming for Football Fitness, Kerry Thompson, Director of Strength and Conditioning at Allen University, currently the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for Fan Controlled Football, reviews the tenets of a successful strength and conditioning program. Coach Thompson identifies the key components of football fitness, how to train them, and how to properly recover. Coach Thompson also discusses how specific muscle groups affect football performance, as well as how to train these muscles for football. Additionally, Thompson provides insight on injury prevention and recovery. At the end of the video, Coach Thompson hosts a question and answer session from an audience of high school and college coaches.

Topics covered include:

• Football Specific Strength and Conditioning
• Creating a Strength Program
• Translating Training to On-Field Success
• Injury Prevention
• Hydration
• Individualized Workout Plans/Goals
• Muscle Group Workouts
• Movement Mechanics
• Body Positioning