Commonalities of Rotational Shot & Discus

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Rob Lasorsa
53 minutes

Commonalities of Rotational Shot & Discus provides a resource for track and field coaches who want to better understand the key factors involved in the rotational movement for shot putters and discus throwers who employ this particular technique in their event. The DVD explains why from a coaching standpoint it is important to work from the ground up. As such, athletes who align and move their feet properly are much more likely to execute the rotational movement in the desired manner. The DVD also includes several drills that coaches can use as learning tools for their rotational shot putters and discus throwers.

Among the topics covered:

  • Movement
  • Power position
  • Shot drill
  • Discus drills
  • Moving through the circle
  • Setting up the circle
  • Block leg
  • Focal points
  • Back of the circle
  • Drills
  • Grip