The Mindful Coach

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Jerry Lynch
227 pages
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It’s no secret that the world of athletics trends toward being volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Leaders, coaches, and administrations now realize that change in the way we lead is not only desirable, but absolutely essential. To meet this global need, author Jerry Lynch’s brand, Way of Champions, has created a movement that implements a progressive approach to help those in sport to recapture their romance and experience greater joy, fun, happiness, and success. His revolutionary vision has been thoroughly tried and tested with over 350 athletic teams and organizations, resulting in 118 world, national, and state championships at the professional, collegiate, high school, and club levels of athletics. This exciting approach is now available in his latest book, THE MINDFUL COACH: Leading With Intention, Instinct, Influence, Inspiration, and Insight. Here is a penetrating and provocative GUIDEBOOK about how we think, act, behave, and perform as leaders, coaches, and athletic directors. It is an athlete-centric movement which helps us to create safe environments for mental wellness and emotional stability, perhaps the most important, talked about, and valued discussion in today’s athletic world. THE MINDFUL COACH changes the status quo of leadership to a more purposeful, meaningful, transformative, servant leader model, replacing the obsolete transactional model. Using proven time-honored strategies, Jerry helps you to be more connective, caring, loving, and compassionate while demanding from others what is needed to achieve your mission. This paradigm shift combines Eastern thought, Native American tradition, and western psychology for mental strength, spiritual dexterity, inspiration, and empowerment, resulting in stronger competitiveness, self-awareness, and confidence in being a better version of yourself. Jerry loves sport, but what fills his heart and ignites his passion is the unshakable belief that a positive sports experience can truly inspire and empower a human being better than any other experience in life. This is where his book, THE MINDFUL COACH, comes into play.