10 Concept Pressure Packages From the 3-4 Defense

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Jeff Reinebold
44 minutes
‘10' Concept Pressure Packages From the 3-4 Defense is designed to complement and build upon Coach Jeff Reinebold's DVD series on zone blitz packages from the 3-4 defensive scheme. The DVD demonstrates several extremely effective blitzes that can be employed with man zone defensive coverage. Using techniques and terminology previously introduced in his well-received, multi-volume DVD series on the 3-4 defense, the DVD uses comprehensive diagrams and game film to examine several man-to-man blitz football packages, including how teams can make last- second changes to pre-snap blitz adjustments by the offense. Among the defensive packages covered in the DVD are back-loaded and trailer blitzes, as well as blitzes that can be effective against offensive spread formations and 4-receiver sets.

Among the topics covered: 

• Lightning video 
• Btb - blitz to back 
• Btb video 
• Blood blitz 
• Blood video 
• Choice video